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The Prophets of Eternal Fjord, by Kim Leine

Prophets of Eternal Fjord: A Novel - Kim Leine, Martin Aitken

Explorers and missionaries must be the most stubborn people on the planet. Explorers are firmly convinced that there is something out there, something that must be found. Missionaries, sometimes explorers themselves or in the second wave of colonists, seek to reshape what and who were found so that it looks more like what was left behind. Morten Pederson Falck is one of the latter. Greenland was discovered (more than once) centuries before he heard of a missionary position in a Danish colony on the western coast of the island. Most of Kim Leine’s The Prophets of Eternal Fjord is centered on Falck, but the book is about the people of Greenland—Inuit and Danish—and how the country was shaped and reshaped by its waves of settlers. Falck’s story is grafted on to real history, so skillfully its hard to say where the joins are...


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