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The Solitary House, by Lynn Shepherd

The Solitary House: A Novel - Lynn Shepherd

Authors have to pick a character or a plot (or a few) to focus on in order to tell us a story. But when I read a vast, sprawling story, sometimes I wonder what’s happening in the margins. Not every character can be a lead character, after all. There’s just not enough room (unless you’re Tolstoy or Dickens) to devote to telling all the stories. In a good sprawling story, an author will give their readers the sense that those peripheral characters are busily living their lives when no one is paying attention to them. What Lynn Shepherd has done with the Charles Maddox series is to redirect the spotlight over to those other characters. In The Solitary House, Shepherd tells us a story that might have happened in the margins of Bleak House and The Woman in White. I was a bit annoyed to discover that I had started the Maddox series with the second book, but I ended up enjoying myself so much that the annoyance quickly passed. Shepherd completely transported me with The Solitary House—so much so that I went to Amazon to buy the other three volumes in the series as soon as I finished it...


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