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The Lost Time Accidents, by John Wray

The Lost Time Accidents: A Novel - John Wray

In some circles, a lost time accident is a goof up or problem that requires fixing before any progress can be made. It’s wasted time, essentially. In the Toula/Tolliver family, lost time accidents refer to the family’s quest to travel through the time-space continuum. John Wray’s demented tale of that family’s quest, The Lost Time Accidents, begins with the latest scion of the family reporting to his lover that he has found himself out of time. Where he is, it’s always Monday morning, at 8:47 AM. Since he has nothing better to do and has found a convenient supply of paper and a pen, he writes his family’s history, from the day in 1903 when his great-grandfather supposedly discovered the secret of time travel to the theory of relativity, Nazi “science,” science fiction, hoarding, and a cult...


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